Tiny Realms

Developer TinyMob Games Inc
Latest Update June 26, 2014
Avg iTunes User Rating 5
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Tiny Realms Description

Tiny Realms is the first real-time mobile strategy game! Finally, play with true combat strategy and directly control units in battle like a real warlord! Play as Dwarf, Human or Tegu to battle other factions for supremacy in a fantasy realm.

Battle in multiplayer or explore epic single player quests. Your actions affect your reputation and change the Tiny Realms world.

Per our Terms of Services and Privacy Policy, Tiny Realms is only available for download and play by persons 13 years of age or older without parental consent.

- Completely Free to Play mobile action strategy game for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.
- Real-Time Strategy - Deep gameplay in the style of classic action strategy games.
- Introducing: Battle Command - Control your units directly for a tactical advantage.
- Create Warbands - Combine melee and ranged units to gain a strategic advantage.
- Choose Your Faction - Play as three unique factions. Each faction has their own strengths and weaknesses.
- Multiplayer Battles - Test your skills and your strategy against other players online. Attack their Realm, destroy their defenses and raid their resources.
- Epic Single Player Quests - Explore the world of Tiny Realms through hundreds of single player quests. Be strategic about what quests you accept, your reputation depends on it.

Need help or experiencing any issues, please contact us at contact@tinymobgames.com.

Note: An online network connection is required to play.

Privacy Policy:

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Tiny Realms Release (1.0.9) Info

New Unit Upgrades:
- New rapid recruit times for basic melee and ranged units for all factions.
- Updated stats and lower cost for Wizards, Shamans and Rune Guardians.
- Improved Warpath unit selection speed for faster attacks!
- Increased Warband capacities for more units

Realm and Building Improvements:
- Defensive buildings have increased damage and hit points.
- Updated FX for defensive buildings
- Resources collected from buildings now show amounts generated
- Latest iOS devices preview next building upgrades

Updated Multiplayer Features:
- Enhanced replay functionality
- Improved Facebook Connectivity with Leaderboards
- Multiplayer post-battle report details unit losses in your inbox

Bug Fixes:
- Bug fix for realm building and creation notifications
- Bug fixes for the Realm View
- Bug fix for Quest Map
- Bug fixes for Replays
- Bug fixes for crashes and time-outs
- Bug fixes for Leaderboards